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HSSB-30-16 Hobby Shop Airbrush Paint Booth HSSB-22-16 Airbrush Spray Booth H Single Action Airbrush Complete Package
This Deluxe Airbrush Paint Spray Booth is 8 wider than the standard model and comes with two fan units for twice the CFM at 540. The fans are separate so one or both units can be run while using the booth. Both fans come with a fiberglass filter and carbon filter for double filtration. 4 dryer hose hook ups are supplied for exhausting your fumes. Hobby-Shop Airbrush Spray Booth. Rugged, compact in size and easy to assemble. This portable booth features galvanized metal for easy cleaning and durability. Working dimensions are 22 Inch wide by 16 Inch high, perfect for all you hobby and craft spraying. The H model airbrush is simple and easy to use and a great choice for beginners. The H comes with all three spray heads and can spray any paint. The D500SR is a quiet 1/8 HP compressor with regulator & moisture trap that delivers steady dry air and also has the auto shutoff feature. Also included is the AC-7 cleaning kit.
MIL-SET Paasche Millennium Airbrush Set VL-100D Complete Airbrush System HS-SET Single Action Airbrush Kit with Lock on Bottles
Paasche millennium airbrush set size 3, with hose. The MIL-SET is packaged in an attractive case with a MIL Double Action Air-brush, MIL-8 Head Protecting Cap, 1/4 oz. Metal Color Cup, 1/2 oz Color Bottle Assembly, Hanger, Wrench, 6 foot Air Hose, and 22 Air-brush Lessons Inch Book. VL-100D is our most versatile airbrush system. The VL can be used for most any application and spray any type of paint or fluid and comes with all three head sizes. The D500SR is a quiet 1/8 HP compressor with regulator & moisture trap that delivers steady dry air and also has the auto shutoff feature. Also included is the AC-7 cleaning kit and DVD-VL instructional video. HS Airbrush Set. Includes One HS#1L Single-Action Airbrush, size 1, 3 & 5 Spray Heads one Metal Color Cup, two Bottle Assemblies, one Bottle and Cover Assembly, two Wrenches, Hanger, one-6 Air Hose, 22 Air-brush Lessons and part sheet.
DA400T Deluxe Quick Application Airbrush Tanning Set 300T-000 Quick Application Airbrush Tanning Spray Gun D3000R Diaphragm Airbrush Compressor with Tank
This quick application airbrush tanning kit comes with an upgrade to the DA400 model compressor. The DA400 is quieter and comes with an auto shutoff switch which turns the compressor off while you are not spraying. Also included is the 300T-000 spray gun and a 32 oz bottle of 10% tanning solution. The Paasche 300T is a low pressure airbrush tanning spray gun. It gives a flat 5-6 Inch pattern for quick even application. Application time is reduced to 5 minutes or less. It can be used with the D200, D220R or DA400 compressors. This D3000R oilless diaphragm airbrush compressor is a tank mounted unit, designed for compactness and portability. The sturdy air tank stores reserve air volume and reduces pulsation. Air pressure in the tank is regulated with an automatic on/off limit switch to a maxim of 40 PSI. Comes with R-75 Regulator / Moisture Trap.

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TS-500T Airbrush Tanning System
Our Price: $199.00 offers Paasche airbrush supplies and airbrush equipment such as single and double action, siphon feed, gravity feed air brushes, abrasive air erasers, acrylic paints, air compressors, air hoses, airbrush parts, temporary tattoo kits, spray tanning kits, paint sprayers, flow pencils, bottle assemblies, air regulators, paint booths, spray booths, tattoo paints, spray guns, silvering guns, flocking guns, cutting compounds and more.